Thoughts on objects limits and the economy

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by fruitchew87, Feb 6, 2016.

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    At the time we were paying 1k per jam. It wasn't bad, and our roomies also had multiple accounts. The true money maker was ripe fruit sales at another property. Between the two methods we never had an issue keeping up with payouts or being in the top 5 for a few months.

    This is before the exploit when rampid back in 2005. Payouts ranged from 300-1k depending on the property. On the official launch expect most sims at skill houses.
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    Ah, yes fruit... I can't believe how many people paid for that... wasn't the skill you got random? Sounds like you benefited, though!

    I had already figured that skill houses would be number one for a while. I thought about doing a skill house instead of a money house many times, not just for the beginning, but throughout. I have no idea what everyone's house plans are, and if I were to do a skilling house, I would only want it to focus on one skill to ensure that everyone got top speed on it. Maybe a second skill, but that's pushing it.

    Thanks for the all insight, though. I don't feel so in the dark anymore, and I appreciate the honesty. I still don't like the idea of payouts, but people follow the money, so there ya go.
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    You'll be fine. The hardest part is designing your property. I have a feeling if it's just one city there will be a decent crowd. If Rhy puts an occupant limit on each lot, visitors will space out,
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    I remember the first exploit in the game (Before shopping house exploit with clothing). It was an exploit with Tipping Jars.

    Before the tipping jar exploit, I cant remember any house giving out "bonuses" for completing objects.

    Then there was a period that botters then played maze to keep profits up and paying the bonuses. Until it was nerfed. Then it was Pizza and that stayed until the whole Clothing exploit that wrecked the economy for good.

    After that the whole "Fruit" and "Open crates for pets" that kept the money houses going. Almost every money house had a 2nd house in the "Shopping" place to keep pace with how much money was being given out.

    But honestly, by the end money was nothing. You could get it by doing any number of things. DJing for special events, Doing those houses that had a "maze" set up and you had to find the answers to like 20 questions to open the door to the next room after completing you got the grand prize (usually in the millions), had people who would design house roofs with special art, Pizza, contests (every day some house at any given time was doing some contest for tons of money). If you were desperate could use the ingame ATM, or find an 3rd party out side the game that would do real money for in game money.
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    Would it be illegal if I sold some Simoleons off for cash (i.e. using the in-game money transfer) or if I sold an account with a certain skill level, like CS:GO smurf accounts?
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    I assume back then it was illegal, or at least against ToS. But they neglected the game so badly, I honestly don't know of a single person who was banned for ever doing it. And I do know almost every single top house back then used 3rd party people to keep money coming in using real life money.
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    Are you expecting to do this ?? This could be considerer ilegal, becuase the intelectual property...

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