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    "Top of the Morning" Hat Rack Fedora. Sombrero. Big Red Clown Wig. Headgear is the finishing touch on a Sim's personal image. Make a bold, top-down fashion statement! Add that special accent to your look with this assortment of hats and other head accessories.

    hi everyone,this time i released tso hatrack conversion,known this object use tso person data #77 HatID so it's hard to be perfectly ported,but there are workarounds here:
    the key is ts1 #70 my person data zodiac,this a unused person data scope in game,i used this as alternative and get sucess
    now enjoy this hatrack in ts1
    accessories animations bhavs conversion by Peter9g,very thanks his work

    known issues:
    cowboy hat mesh broken seem need some remesh,if you can fix meshes please provide help
    download go this thread:
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    add autonomy for visitors on non-residential

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