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Discussion in 'Screenshots' started by yoyo, Apr 24, 2016.

  1. Becky with the good hair

    Becky with the good hair Administrator Staff Member Moderator

    It's really playful and easy to the eyes. I love it too! :)
  2. TheMarshmallowBear

    TheMarshmallowBear Active Member

    I wish the game ended up looking like 90% of those slides xD

    Anyway, what would happen if EAxis tried to get involved with FreeSO?
  3. Driesje44

    Driesje44 Active Member

    How and why would they get involved? :p
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  4. TheMarshmallowBear

    TheMarshmallowBear Active Member

    Well, one way or the other, FreeSo's exsitence will be known, I already know that Sims Community "announced" the project.

    If EAxis gets involved, they could be good guys for once and give us a "yes" to importing TS1 objects into TSO.
  5. zero35

    zero35 Active Member

    EAxis,becsuse EA is TS series's stepmother?i like Maxis,but i really don't like EA
  6. Tirea

    Tirea Active Member

    First of all EAxis is no more, Maxis is dead.
    Secondly, I don't think EA is going to get involved in FSO at all! After all the posts on Sims Forums, Community Websites and Reddit, I'm pretty sure EA knows that this project exists. They can't stop it or take it down and there is no reason for them to help this project or grant us some special rights.
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  7. arumio

    arumio New Member

    EA won't hesitate to take FreeSO down in they want to.
    They obviously can, they still have the rights to The Sims and anyone reproducing it may be asked to stop it, or even expect a lawsuit. Just read the ToS on the website of EA, they still hold the rights to TSO.

    Will they take it down is the question you should ask... as long as this project is not a threat to EA, they won't do anything. But they can take it down, absolutely.
  8. Driesje44

    Driesje44 Active Member

    No because they aren't offering The Sims Online itself ;)
  9. arumio

    arumio New Member

    But they're using the program itself to run it, they're using content made by Maxis/EA... so many aspects of the game were originally made by Maxis/EA.
    Seriously, I don't mind because this is one of the best projects I've seen in a while, and EA has no problems with it either right now, but that can always change.
  10. Driesje44

    Driesje44 Active Member

    Yeah but modders for ex: The Sims 4 also use content amde by EA and Maxis so I don't really see the difference? ;) If you look juridical, EA can't do anything.
  11. arumio

    arumio New Member

    let's take a look at the Terms of Service that EA has published.

    Use Ctrl + F to find this rule in the ToS:
    - Upload any software or Content that you do not own or have permission to freely distribute.

    Do the developers have permission to distribute this?
  12. Driesje44

    Driesje44 Active Member

    Yes because they don't offer the game, they only write new scripts/ modify existing ones. ;) (Please correct me if I am wrong, but i am quit sure)

    You can ask Rhys or LRB, i heard multiple times that this is all legal.
  13. arumio

    arumio New Member

    Ok, so currently, they're using existing prorgams which are still distributed by EA.
    Right now, there isn't a problem, they're using the servers of EA to download the Sims Online. So yes, technically speaking, they're modifying the game. You're right about that.
    What happens if EA decides to shut it off? You aren't able to download the game from their servers, which means the devs behind FreeSO itself have to distribute the program. Now, that's a problem, because that means you have to distribute the program even though you don't have permission.

    So yes, you're right about the fact that EA isn't able to do anything right now, they can even loose their own lawsuit if they want one, but if they want problems, they can create them.
  14. pisarz1958

    pisarz1958 Administrator Staff Member Moderator

    They're not doing anything to the original files, they're writing their own code for reading original files. FreeSO is not redistributing game files. If they shut it off, there is still a legal, archived version on Archive.org and again, FreeSO wouldn't be distributing it anyway.
  15. RHY3756547

    RHY3756547 FreeSO Developer Staff Member Moderator

    There is another version of the game on archive.org, which we can get people to use instead. If everything goes down, getting thw game will still be possible, but it won't be our problem so we won't be liable.

    We are not redistributing any EA/maxis content. Saying it would be easy to shut our program down is a laugh... A glorified file format reader does not break any copyright law.
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  16. arumio

    arumio New Member

    As long as you don't distribute anything EA made, you won't have any problems I guess.

    Seems like you never had any problems with lawyers working on behalf of a game company. They always find a way, believe me.
    As soon as EA smells money, they'll do anything to get it. If this project becomes a real succes, let's see what EA will do then.
  17. TheMarshmallowBear

    TheMarshmallowBear Active Member

    Ok, let's really get into this. I don't think EA is dumb enough to shut this project down.. do you know why? Because it WILL upset the fans. The Sims 4 is already sinking and with the latest patch a lot of simmers were upset over the "upcomign content". So they already walk a fine line.

    There's enough people who want to see TSO back so if the general community (and believe me, the news is out) it's going to cause havoc within the community.
  18. arumio

    arumio New Member

    Well, you're making a fair point there sir. I didn't think about that before. Especially the media attention they'll get will be very bad for them.
  19. RHY3756547

    RHY3756547 FreeSO Developer Staff Member Moderator

    If they're willing to take a lawsuit, i'll happily follow through to get them to pay for my legal damages. They will have nothing solid against us, so their best move would be not trying.
  20. Hayden99

    Hayden99 Member

    i havent noticed this when i installed this game the first time
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