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    bhav 4105(Controller - can spawn more mice?) & 4112(Controller - can spawn more roaches?),them are local 0 < 4096:0 & local 0 < 4096:9
    i checked bcon lable and it tell me:

    <T i="4096" n="Tuning: Pest Controller">
    <K i="0" l="Max Mice" v="2"></K>
    <K i="1" l="Spawn Pest - percent chance per object" v="10"></K>
    <K i="2" l="Infest Lot - percent chance per object" v="4"></K>
    <K i="3" l="Min Object Dirty Level to Spawn Mice" v="600"></K>
    <K i="4" l="kShowInfestationDialogs" v="0"></K>
    <K i="5" l="Cat - Fun Incr per Hour" v="75"></K>
    <K i="6" l="Cat - Max Fun" v="100"></K>
    <K i="7" l="Cat - hunger Incr per eaten mouse" v="10"></K>
    <K i="9" l="Max Roaches" v="2"></K>
    <K i="11" l="Hunting skill inc per successful hunt" v="20"></K>

    in theory controller should can spawn 2 pests,but it set is "<",cause final results in game is controller only spawn 1 pest,so i change "<" to "<="
    problem solved
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