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  1. TRS

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    Post here videos about the sims online!

    Look into TSO By: aidancheddar

    Look into TSO - Creation and Interacting

    Look into TSO - TSO Museum

    Look into TSO - Wedding

    Look into TSO - Rapture's Retreat

    Look into TSO - Robot Factory

    Look into TSO - At home

    Last day videos

    The Last Day of The Sims Online

  2. AidanM

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  3. aidancheddar

    aidancheddar Active Member

    Just clarify the Look into TSO series was uploaded by me.
  4. TRS

    TRS Member

    O, sorry.

  5. frankie

    frankie Member

    Wow, this is very nostalgic for me! Just watching any video and screen shot will do the trick. Which world was that one from the screen shot above? I don't think I remember it, but it looks very cool with the mountains and snow. I was strictly an IH citizen.
  6. Nic333

    Nic333 New Member

    Cool,i really miss TSO,i wish to cold upload a image but i can't i lose every thing,when i format my HD drive in 2 years ago
  7. aidancheddar

    aidancheddar Active Member

    No problem. Like I said, they were uploaded, not created. :)

    Blazing Falls. Judging by the screenshot, probably before and during Public Beta.
  8. frankie

    frankie Member

    Oh, cool. I had heard that that was one of the most popular worlds. I wonder if Project Dollhouse will include all of the worlds or just the popular ones.
  9. aidancheddar

    aidancheddar Active Member

    I know I'll be. It was the first city I choose after getting The Sims Online.
  10. Nic333

    Nic333 New Member

    Hey,i found more videos on Internet Archive,and that videos are not on aidancheddar youtube channel,i will post more videos later
  11. frankie

    frankie Member

    I will have to try that world as well. I do like the look of it. What had made me continue to choose IH was just for the artistic and romantic references in the description, leading me to believe that others there would be interested in art, writing, music, etc. It seemed as if each world were catered to a specific interest or group of interests, but I don't remember.
  12. Swalezee

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    I think I will be choosing Blazing Falls then!
  13. Nahuel3d

    Nahuel3d Active Member

    i hope that project dollhouse include all the worlds
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  14. aidancheddar

    aidancheddar Active Member

    This was my ONLY video created back in the day. The original had music from The Sims 2.
  15. xezno

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    Last day of The Sims Online is by X-Fi6, AKA Fatbag. It's on his old channel.
  16. AquilaSim

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  17. aidancheddar

    aidancheddar Active Member

    This includes both the video with the DJ stream and the recorded DJ stream without the video. Both are the same length. Archive.org is the source of the Look into TSO series, btw.
  18. aidancheddar

    aidancheddar Active Member

    Uploaded the high quality videos onto my present YouTube channel under the name Last Days of TSO as a series. Better sound and a bit more crisper. Sorry you had to deal with the lower quality videos.
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  19. AquilaSim

    AquilaSim Administrator Staff Member Moderator

    Nice channel ! ;)

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