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  1. Blayer98

    Blayer98 Active Member

    Hi guys! Just thought I'd announce on here since not everyone is on the Discord server, I am hosting once again!
    However, since No-IP has dropped the noip domains, I can't use the old server domain I originally used earlier in the year, oh well!
    The aim of my server is to provide a nostalgic experience, by hosting old TSO lots I or others re-create, and possibly also some original lots made by other users or me. While freeso.ml is a more active, and 24/7 server, mine is not 24/7, but the old lots and that "right at home" experience makes up for that! Please also keep in mind, that my server is intended for people with low-end pcs/laptops/notebooks so I will not host any lots like the one on freeso.ml.

    This server is currently on hold right now, as I don't have time to be running the server at the moment, I do have plans to run it again at some point though so stay tuned!

    What's New in tsopt.onthewifi.com?
    We are currently hosting a special lot from TSOMania's Matt! Come visit us at SM Village!
    We are aware of minor desyncs occurring sporadically on the server, and we are currently investigating the cause of this.

    We have just reached a 10 Player milestone, many thanks to everyone who has joined the server! :D

    IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT OUR RULES: I really hope I or any admin doesn't have to ban anyone, but there may be times where this is necessary to certain players, and so below are the rules of the server.
    Mild Swearing is fine, but please don't constantly swear as some players may not appreciate that.
    If we find the cause of a de-sync, from the announcement until the maintenance period, please do not attempt to deliberately cause desyncs with that object.
    We do NOT TOLERATE bullying on our server, including freeso.ml. If you see someone being bullied regardless of who's server you are playing on, please don't just stand by and watch, we encourage everyone to be nice to one another.
    Please be considerate of other players, as what you might find funny could possibly be offensive to someone else.

    Hosting other lots:
    We may occasionally host other player's lots from time to time, but please keep in mind, that depending on how many players are in the lot at the time of hosting, or depending on what players think of the lot being hosted, we may discontinue hosting that lot for some time until a later date. Sorry about this...

    Statistics (As of 5th November 2016, 2:35AM):
    Max Players so far on the server: 10
    Last Player on the Lot: Tamrynn/Sierra Raine
    Admins: Blayer98 (that's me!), Matt
    Here's an image of us in-game:

    Any Events Planned: None right now, sorry!
    Current Lot: SM Village (Created by Matt)
    Please note that some lots re-created from TSO screenshots or footage may be incomplete, for example, a lot may not have any screenshots of an upstairs, making the lot partially incomplete. We apologise for this, as we always attempt to make every lot look exactly the same as it was!
    Maintenance Schedule: No maintenance scheduled right now.
    Admin/Roommate Positions: We currently don't have any plans of giving these out at this time, simply because that we are not a 24/7 server and the amount of players joining isn't quite large enough to need more than 2 admins at the moment, sorry!

    Having trouble connecting to FreeSO.ml?
    FreeSO.ml is a very large lot with a lot of objects, so many in fact, that quite a few players may not be able to connect to that server/or even crash while on the lot or even before. While there are currently attempts of resolving this issue for low-end PC/Notebook/Laptop users on FreeSO.ml, our server intends to provide a great experience for all PC/Notebook/Laptop users at any time, so if you are having trouble connecting to FreeSO.ml, we recommend connecting to our server (As long as the server is online) as a test to see if your system can work with the lots we host, or a test to see if your network connection is ok! :)
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  2. Tamrynn

    Tamrynn New Member

    Awesome Blayer :D
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  3. Simhrique0990

    Simhrique0990 Active Member

    Amazing! [ I Don't say much english :confused: but,i have fun in this server ]
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