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    FreeSO is now at the point where it is possible to have support for multiple languages for both the User Interface (through UIText) and the objects (through .str.piff). Though this featureset is rather early in development, it's functional to an extent where you will definitely find the program more comfortable to use if English is not your first language.

    Unfortunately these changes have to be applied separately and are not yet distributed with the client. In future, this process will be much easier, and maybe even automated!

    UI Strings
    Right now it is rather difficult to change the UI strings used ingame, but these are the best supported translations right now. There are two ways to do this:

    1. Replace the English text directory with the language of your choice. You can find this at "The Sims Online/TSOClient/gamedata/uitext/english.dir".
    2. Change your active UI language name in your configuration. This is much more difficult. After running the game once, place your translation of choice in "The Sims Online/TSOClient/gamedata/uitext/", (eg. french.dir) then browse to "%AppData%/../Local/FSO/". Search for files of type *.config, sort by modified date, and choose the one modified most recently. Open in notepad and add a setting like this for the language you added:
                <setting name="CurrentLang" serializeAs="String">

    Official translations are available here: (of course, we encourage any further contributions!)

    Some UI strings are currently hardcoded - especially FreeSO specific ones. These will be phased out one by one or dealt with when a localization system is implemented for FreeSO itself.

    Object Strings

    So long as you have a set of patches to provide translated strings, you can change the language of FreeSO's Objects by running it with the parameter:
    ...where 1 can be replaced with any "Language Code" of your choosing. This code will be remembered on future runs, until it is changed using this method.

    No translations are currently available, though a forum section will be opened for them (and a thread detailing the process of creation) shortly. They can generally be installed by adding them to your "FreeSO/Content/Patch/" folder, though it is not yet possible to combine multiple translations for the time being.

    Here are all of the currently supported Language Codes:
    Default = 0, 
    EnglishUS = 1, 
    EnglishUK = 2, 
    French = 3, 
    German = 4, 
    Italian = 5, 
    Spanish = 6, 
    Dutch = 7,
    Danish = 8, 
    Swedish = 9, 
    Norwegian = 10, 
    Finish = 11, 
    Hebrew = 12, 
    Russian = 13, 
    Portuguese = 14, 
    Japanese = 15, 
    Polish = 16, 
    SimplifiedChinese = 17, 
    TraditionalChinese = 18, 
    Thai = 19, 
    Korean = 20
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  2. LetsRaceBwoi

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    Why do we have UK and US English?
  3. Marvin732

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    Different words
  4. Simhrique0990

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    Okay, as I send the translation "Portuguese" ? in github(FSO Translations)
  5. RHY3756547

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    In TS1 it changed Color to Colour, and Neighbourhood etc.

    There's not a reasonable place for object translations yet. You should make a thread on the Translations section in the Volcanic category for those.
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  6. LetsRaceBwoi

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    Alright then
  7. -BloodFighter-

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    Added a new folder in the directory uitext, containing different files for a different language. Also added the current lang setting in the most recent modified config file and changed the English to German, but the game is STILL in english. The name of the folder is the exact same as in the config file. Any idea what I could have possibly done wrong?
  8. zc456

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    I prefer UK English. Sounds more natural.
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  9. Animation

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    hello, I want to support this project with me.
    I can help Turkish version :)
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  10. SimtrioGames

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    I can help Polish version ;)
  11. Driesje44

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    I restarted with the Dutch translation ;) But could someone explain this:
    SimEstates what? :')
  12. RHY3756547

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    transl - short for translate?
  13. Rhys, The Sims had never used Indonesian before. So can I add a Indonesian translation language to FreeSO?
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  14. Maritzestar

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    I'm having the same issue.
  15. steveharper2

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    Please could somebody help me with switching the language code to Japanese or French? I need French for showing Hungarian fonts in game. I am using Windows 10, so I can't change the language coding with the -lang3 or -lang15 launch options. There is simple no option for this on Windows 10 at the .exe parameters. Could you help me with changing the language code in some other ways?
  16. RHY3756547

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    Yes. In FreeSO/Content/config.ini, find the entry:


    ...and change it to the desired number.
  17. DansD

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    This link is dead. Can you please update it or point me in the place where I can download the official language pack for Thailand please?
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