Unable to join own lot (has disappeared off the map)

Discussion in 'Support' started by maskedkatz, Feb 27, 2018.

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    I have been playing FreeSO a lot more lately, working on my home and increasing my skills.
    I jumped on today to work more on my home, but after trying to join the lot, I have gotten the following error:

    "Unable to open your lot because the city is too busy. Please try again later."

    After waiting awhile, I have tried again, and again. Then I noticed my friend's plot was still up with player's inside of it as well. I then noticed that my house seemed to turn invisible on the menu and on the map. This has worried me, as not only am I access it, but it has seemed to have disappeared all together, with no one else having a similar issue.

    If someone could help me somehow get access back, or at least inform me about whats going on, that'd be wonderful. Thank you!

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