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  1. Bonesdog

    Bonesdog New Member

    Please PM Brooke Terry for more information regarding the Hotel.

    Current Building Fund: $25,734
    Required Building Fund to Start Construction: $100,000
    Expected Start of Building Construction: TBA

    All time is in game hours.

    Name: TBA

    Staff List

    Investor List
    Bozo The Clown

    Career Options
    • Housekeeper ($7hr)
    • Gardener ($7hr)
    • Mechanic ($14hr)
    • Chef ($10hr)
    • Comedian/Entertainer/Live Musician (Varies)
    • Receptionist ($7hr)
    • Bartender ($10hr)
    • Gift Shop Attendant ($8hr)
    • Manager ($30hr)
    • Barista($7hr)
    • Lifeguard ($9hr)
    • Photographer ($20hr)
    All are starting wages, depending on skill level you may have a higher wage.
    All positions earning less than $30hr will receive a share of the tips during the working 24hr period. Example, if you work 8hr, at the end of th 24hr Hotel day you will receive a percentage of the tips.

    Hours of Operation: TBA

    Room Costs - 24 Hours - Per Sim
    • Single $99
    • Double $149
    • Standard $299
      • Two Double Size Beds
      • One Television
      • One Dresser
      • One Restroom (Toilet, Sink, Mirror, Rub/Shower, Trash Can)
      • Alarm Clock
      • Phone
      • Lamps
      • TBA
    • Deluxe $349
    • Junior Suite $399
    • Full Suite $499

    Services included
    • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner in main lobby
    • Access to work out room
    • Free beverages 24/7
    • Room service 24/7
    • Late night Casino (8pm - 2am)
    • Daily Special Event (12pm-2pm)
    • MORE (TBA)
    Private Investors
    If you wish you may invest anywhere between $1,000 - $10,000. You will receive a Company Partner Card which may be used to receive free visits in our Suites (Once every 30 game days) as well as a 1 - 10% discounted rate (Varies on investment) on all our products/rooms.

    All Company Partner Card may be exchanged back for $900.
    You may also trade this to another Sim.

    Investments receive a 1% return on all Lot profits (Excluding Tips) until a total of 110% of the initial investment has been paid out, then the return decreases at a rate of 0.01% each day.

    Investments above $10,000 May NOT be accepted at this time. You may donate anything above $10,000.

    We may only accept 5 Private Investors at this time. (Currently we have 1 Private Investor)
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