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    Chess wasn't an actual skill per-se. It was one of the more efficient ways to level up the Logic skill since two could play per-object then any other in the game (sans War Game, but that's was a rare item). The more people involved with a single skill, the faster you were at learning that skill, other factors such as Lot type were also an influence. Minimum speed was 10% and the highest was 118%.
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    Could you die in TSO ?
    Because Every need was too in TSO
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    I remember, that i played that game !
    I dont know why but in my memory i remember !
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    Interesting fact: death was not in TSO when it was first released. It didn't come until New & Improved update. The robot factory job (which was apart of that same update) really had you on your feet and trying to dodge death as you had to keep the line moving or get blown up. During work hours, it was very common to see players return as ghosts.
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    Oh how I miss you TSO!
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    I hope it get back soon :)
    I think it would be Summer to Winter complete

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