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  1. TheSimsFan

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    Hey guys! It's TheSimsFan here!

    I originally thought of something, "If FreeSO Splash Image's name is "setup.png", why not I take the EA-Land splash screen and rename that to "setup.png"?" I looked up a video on The final day of TSO, and I saw the EA-Land splash image, I cropped it in snipping tool and MS Paint. And then put it in the FreeSO Content folder naming it setup.png. Don't believe me? Here's proof: ea-landfreeso.PNG
    What do you think? I can upload the EA-Land Splash Screen if you want to put it as your loading screen too :). All you have to do is to take out the original "setup.png" out of the contents folder. Here is what I mean by "ORIGINAL" setup.png: the logo should read "FreeSO". Take that image out replace with any image that is named "setup.png". If it's not named that, rename it. Then put the new "setup.png" into the contents folder and you should get your own custom splash screen. If you want to use the EA-Land splash screen, you are more than welcome to. I will put up the EA-Land template for you to use: setup.png
    Enjoy this new splash image. Tell me what you think. I did not make it. EA did in 2008.
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  2. mrpenguinb

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    FreeSO had used this splash image for a while, it got boring after a while IMO. It is also branded for EA-Land, not FreeSO which is partly why it was discontinued from use.
    Although it is good that you are willing to provide it to people if they want to use it :D You can also get the original image from older version of FreeSO if you want

    Maybe someone should remake the image into something new that looks like the old one, in fact there should be more people making more loading screen images :cool:
  3. TheSimsFan

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    Tirea has got the original image ;)
  4. Tirea

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    Here is the original file, right out of my EA-Land folder! :)

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  5. TheSimsFan

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  6. TheSimsFan

    TheSimsFan Member

    Oh and also do you have the EA Land icon image?
  7. Tirea

    Tirea Active Member

    This is the best I could find, sorry for the late reply!
  8. TheSimsFan

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  9. -BloodFighter-

    -BloodFighter- Active Member

    I like both the new icon and the new FreeSO splash screen more than the EA-Land counterpart.
  10. Mixa97sr

    Mixa97sr Active Member

    The whole project is really not associated with EA anymore, sooo, I don't get why would that old, not really nice looking splash screen be of importance and be used in this project.

    Tho, that means we can all have our own splash screens. And that's nice :D
  11. -BloodFighter-

    -BloodFighter- Active Member

    Imagine some naked chick as your splash screen for The Sims Online lol
  12. Mixa97sr

    Mixa97sr Active Member

    I'd put a chuck there... would be entertaining.
  13. zero35

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    i feeling EA-Land logo very mess up:confused:
  14. AquilaSim

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    Right ?
  15. Raeven

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    To be fair it does say Under Construction so was likely never meant to be a final screen. It might have been a "duck". I'm not sure using it is actually a very good homage.

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