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    Important Source Code Update, Level Creator Only:
    • 2 new and very important classes added, NLCheckbox.cs (the name is great, trust me), and NL_ListControl: The first of which has all the functionality of the current check boxes for selecting whether the level object is a platform, prop, or hazard, except much easier to use and neater (code wise). For example, the new check boxes (NLCheckbox.cs) can be placed in the designer, but then when needed -in the code- it just needs Init() -pass in data needed for use- and SetOptions() -select an enum value of when you want it to do- to be called. It will save its checked or unchecked state silently within the Level File (NLFile) under whatever node you want. As for NL_ListControl, it's basically the same except it allows forms to be shown when a certain item is pressed and so on. Basically it's a lot easier to make options now.
    • Another new class added that makes options within NL_ListControl possible. It is a very simple class, however it will be extended to make options for programmers to use it in the future. Simply call a method for whatever data you need to store within it, and pass it in when SetOptions() is called. For example, there is a method called StoreData_List_ShowForm(Form FormtoShow, int ItemIndex); It stores data for showing a form when an item is called. Item index is the index of the item that when selected will show "FormtoShow", if that makes sense :p. Basically, don't worry about it.
    • Both of these additions aren't groundbreaking achievements, but this post is just to keep you updated.
    Thanks to all who follow the project!
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    Last Update Cont.
    • Now it saves checkedlist controls too, making adding options to the client easy!
    • All checkboxes have been updated.
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    The comeback of a lifetime
    Ha! You guys fell for the old "canceled project" gag. Oldest trick in the book. Come on you guys should know better.
    In all seriousness I couldn't help but revisit this project. You might be asking now, What's gonna happen to Intensive? That answer is that Intensive is still my main project, however variety is beautiful and it's nice to be doing something new on the side. Think of it like a side of fries, it's just more work for the chef. I think I forgot where I was going with that one.
    Now enough with all my amazing humor and let's feast our eyes on V2PStudio!
    Now you make be asking yourself, "Woah this looks a lot better than the old version of V2PC". And that's only because it is better. I have made the genius decision to switch platforms to WPF so that animations, gradients, etc. can be introduced to the application to make it pop.
    But, this is a completely fresh start, meaning that all progress made on the original V2PC has been entirely scrapped for mainly one reason:

    NLFile was kinda garbage.

    But then again what bad idea of mine wasn't garbage? Remember SLEEK- Launcher? (If you dont know what NLFile was then go back to the first post here.)
    I have luckily since switched over to XML and have added a couple of new things now that XML was the daily driver. Like for example, assets used for Level Objects are now stored in the level save file itself, meaning if you were to share the level with a friend, they only need the one file to play your level. Pretty neat right?

    Anyway that's all I got for now.
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