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    Dumping my favourite Vaporwave songs here.
    Don't know what Vaporwave is? It's a music genre that originated on the Internet, and it's basically just 80's jazz and stuff slowed down, or something that sounds like 80's stuff slowed down - and it sounds good.
    Can't wait for Vaporwave to reach the media though...
    ...Okay, I can.

    Freaky McDonalds Moon Man Mix (SAINT PEPSI - ENJOY YOURSELF):

    Trippy-ass login remix (Black Banshee - Infinite Login EXTENDED EDIT):

    1 hour 23 minutes's worth of Vaporwave (skip to 30:10 for my favourite, sounds a bit like this but slowed down and with lower pitches)

    The entire Black Banshee 1 album

    I think I might get started making some Vaporwave... I already have my first song idea, and it's related to a previous post. ;)
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    Stop liking everything I like
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