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Discussion in 'Releases' started by Afr0, Mar 31, 2014.

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  1. Afr0

    Afr0 Well-Known Member

    Sorry for the delay in getting the servers up, been slightly busy lately.
    Anyway, this update should fix the issues regarding character retirement, so the servers should no longer crash when retiring a character! :D
    Heads should also display when clicking an object. You can now also zoom out to city view! :D
    I'm not sure, I haven't tested it yet.

    If anyone makes another thread saying the client has crashed because of this, that or whatever, I will ban him/her for a week for trolling. Use this thread to report bugs, and please try to be as specific as possible.
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2014
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  2. AquilaSim

    AquilaSim Administrator Staff Member Moderator

    still a good news :)
  3. Dark_Kostas

    Dark_Kostas Member

    Don't forget people to change the IP to Also i think you should check the updater cause the "Can't find manifest" is annoying, on each update you have to reinstall the client to update.

    One note, wouldn't it be better to have the client running at its own folder? Now there's a chaos at the TSO folder!
  4. RainCloud

    RainCloud Active Member

    this is what I get after I update and try to login

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  5. Clonest

    Clonest Active Member

    Wow, this was the longest update yet!, and of course it was worth it having the sound back in lot debug mode. Nice to finally have the Sim head's finally show up too when clicking on an object to interact with, still crashes depending on what you choose to interact with but thanks anyways! :D
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  6. Clonest

    Clonest Active Member

    I can confirm, getting the error here.
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  7. Afr0

    Afr0 Well-Known Member

    How... strange! I restarted the login server, try now.
  8. Ben

    Ben Member

    Yeah, I'm getting this too, it still persists :C
  9. Clonest

    Clonest Active Member

    Yep, it's still happening, even after completely reinstalling everything including re-patching it. :confused:
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2014
  10. Afr0

    Afr0 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I just tested it, it doesn't work on my end either. :|
    I'm looking into it.
  11. Blayer98

    Blayer98 Active Member

    I also receive this error, do you know what's wrong yet?

    Also, It would be nice if we could enter the lot debug via map view.
  12. Afr0

    Afr0 Well-Known Member

    No, still looking into it.
  13. Pomme Verte

    Pomme Verte New Member

    I don't want to add another layer but i got this too... ("Your client was not up to date")
  14. francot514

    francot514 Well-Known Member

    Can you build a standalone installer that does only use current references from TSO, because i have to download it again and doing it is so tediuos....
  15. RHY3756547

    RHY3756547 FreeSO Developer Staff Member Moderator

    The debug lot is removed, but the button on the login screen is still functional. It instead leads to the CoreGameScreen, which now includes the Lot and City in one package.
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  16. aidancheddar

    aidancheddar Active Member

    I've gotten that error even on fresh compiles made minutes ago.
  17. xezno

    xezno Member

    Afr0 said it doesnt work his end either. He is looking into it -_-
  18. Afr0

    Afr0 Well-Known Member

    No, you do not have to download again and again. When there is a problem, reinstalling won't help in 90% of the cases.
    When I've fixed an issue, I release a new update.
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  19. Afr0

    Afr0 Well-Known Member

    I fixed the server, you guys should be able to log in again now! :)
    Strangely though, the cache system seems to be duplicating your sim(s), so you may seem to have three sims when in fact you only have two.
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  20. RainCloud

    RainCloud Active Member

    I was able to log in with no issues and with only one sim :D
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