Visit the Doogy B&B, a great place for new players

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    Hi. I'm Doogy, and I run the Doogy B&B (that's Bed & Breakfast, in case you were wondering). It's a relatively recent lot that caters to new players who are unsure of how to make progress in TSO. Book a room here, learn how to make money, and build up a skill or two while you're staying.
    The Doogy B&B is ever expanding, and is currently looking for roommates to help us grow and to help its visitors; a great opportunity for someone who doesn't quite have enough money to build their own lot, or for someone who wants to help run a lot without the hassle of building one themselves.
    If the Doogy B&B gets big enough, it will become the Doogy Hotel!

    Here are the details of the lot so you can search for it in-game:
    Property name: The Doogy B&B
    Host: Doogy

    We hope to see you newcomers there!

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