Waterworld neighborhood name change discussion

Discussion in 'Neighbourhood Suggestions' started by Wink TartanBelle, Oct 4, 2018.

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    So I'd like to propose a couple of potential new names for this (currently named Waterworld) area. Please post any other potential names here so we can get a consensus and agree on it together. I've thought of two that help memorialize some history. One of the very origins of The Sims, and one of our very current prominent residents.

    Wright Union Shores: Where the "Wright" of the M.O.M.I. worker is respected! Sundrenched beaches, snowy mountain vistas, and crystal clear lakes all peacefully co-exist in this diverse and hard working neighborhood that still knows how to relax and enjoy the good life. Residents here work hard and party harder amid the lush natural beauty of this perfect slice of Sunrise Crater. Will you make the "Wright" choice and choose to live amongst them?

    Coattrain Cliffs: Whether it's a beachfront cabana, a mountain cabin, or a forest hideaway, you will be sure to find a place to call your own in this topographically diverse portion of Sunrise Crater. Hike up into the mountains or sun on the beach? You can do both on the same day when you hitch yourself to the luxury that is Coattrain!
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    Another couple of suggestions:

    Crater Bay Ridge: Where the Crater Bay Mountains meet errmm Crater Bay, in which are situated the beautiful uuhh Crater Bay Isles. It's a water filled volcanic crater bordered by a mountain range, ok!?! What this neighborhood lacks in original place names, it more than compensates for with a diverse and lush topography. Sun drenched beaches, shady forests, snow capped peaks, crystal clear lakes. You can build your own unique home here and name it something original.

    Dawnside Mountains-Dawnshadow Shoals: In the morning shadows of the glorious Dawnside Mountains resides the vibrant community of Dawnshadow Shoals. These sister communities have every conceivable type of terrain to offer the new homeowner or resident. From tropical island cabana to mountain holdfast, lake shore compound or prairie cabin, you are certain to find the perfect place to call home. Let the sun rise on YOUR brilliant home in DM-DS!
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  3. Wink TartanBelle

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    Still in hopes of other folks suggesting new names for the neighborhood currently called "Waterworld". Anyone? Any suggested edits to the ones proposed above? Any preferences? Anyone there?
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    If none of these works for renaming Waterworld, but appeals for other areas, please feel free to use all or part.

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