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Discussion in 'Gameplay Designs' started by Fawn, Aug 19, 2018.

  1. Fawn

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    Hi :)

    I just thought maybe it would be nice if lot owners had the ability to add a welcome message to the property chat which a player sees upon joining each time. It could explain where things are or how things work on the lot. I know there is the property description but it's sort of a separate type of info not exactly instructions, and a lot of people don't seem to read it. I often have to point things out to players who join or repeat myself and even if I place things on signs they aren't read often. So just a sentence or two automatically put in prop chat would be super :D Thanks for reading my suggestion!

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  2. Lele

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    Yes! I love this idea. A little popup explaining what is going on in the yard - upcoming events, current payouts, any games or contests currently happening at a yard, just a nice welcome message - or whatever else the owner wants to put there. It might be a little annoying for players who frequent a yard often, but so many people refuse to read property descriptions, come in to the yard, and then complain...

    example: You are building a house and have your category set to shop to save some money on windows or whatever, and your house bio clearly says "NOT A STORE!!!" and people come in and ask "What's for sale? Where's this item I want? I want to buy this." You don't want to lock your house if a friend wants to stop by or if you want people just to be able to check out your yard... a popup saying "THIS IS NOT A STORE!!! THANKS FOR STOPPING BY ANYWAYS!!!" would be so helpful.

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