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    single speed skilling: As it stands skill houses usually focus on 1 or 2 skills. This drives competition but competition can end up hurting sims looking for somewhere to skill.
    If the game used single speed skilling, you would be able to skill whatever you want no matter which skill house you chose.
    Also the effect of specializing is having a reverse effect of 'discriminating' against skills that arent popular at the time.
    It requires 6 sims to meet the demands of specialized skilling where as single speed skilling would only need 1.
    This is because you would need 6 different skill houses to skill up each different skill, meaning 6 times as many sims required to host. this leaves 83% of sims unable to skill up the skill of their choice because only "specialized" skill houses are open. Having 24 sims on a lot is fun, but it also has the effect of encouraging skill houses to do more then 1 skill, simply to meet the needs of sims who dont want to skill at a "Specialized" house.
    The virtue if single speed skilling allows for both specialized skill houses ***and*** multiskill houses to co-exist without upsetting 'traditional' players who believe speicalized skilling is somehow superior to single speed, because thats how things have "always been". sadly the basic math proves its one of the worst.
    the main critique of this is that it would encourage "packing" by not spreading more sims out across different lots. while thats a possibility, generally that already happens. the most popular skill lots are almost always near capacity, while all other skill lots usually have just a few sims in them. if the total amount of visitors on skill lots is reduced, that could be a good way to distribute the demand for skilling and work out better than what we currently have.
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