Who played the original TSO in Alphaville?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PM69037, Oct 7, 2016.

  1. Casper Montana

    Casper Montana New Member

    I did I was Casper Montana
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  2. wilduprising93

    wilduprising93 New Member

    I was Alexander Montello... Gonna be restarting FreeSO as Edric Montello, his heir
  3. Moonchild

    Moonchild New Member

    I remember many of the names in this thread, I played as AngelEyes or Angelize I can't recall which. Alphaville was my main city along with Blazing Falls and Jolly Pines.
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  4. RainCloud

    RainCloud Active Member

    I remember AngelEyes ...
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  5. Twiztid

    Twiztid New Member

    I remember you!! I was Twiztid before we could add last names. After that, I was Twiztid Omen
  6. Bienchen

    Bienchen New Member

    I remember you! I was hanging out alot with Vito and Paul in AV. I met your family first time in DG where i had a skillhouse for body.
  7. Trax

    Trax New Member

    I did, I was Trax :)
  8. Jafar

    Jafar New Member

    Yuppers I was Jafar.
  9. Aspen

    Aspen New Member

    I was in Alphaville under Aspen Romano .. those were the good ole' days ;)
  10. Aspen

    Aspen New Member

    Does anyone have the info to download for Mac?? the installer isnt working because its probably for PC
  11. Kevola

    Kevola New Member

    I was Kevola in AV, FF, BF. :)
  12. Brayce

    Brayce New Member

    I was Ben D Straws and Icy Dead People in AV - a complete pizza addict. I recognize some of your names. :)
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  13. Zakmat

    Zakmat New Member

    I played in Alphaville...under the name Zakmat. Meet a Sim named Christy Charms.....she help me get started with the game. She ended up going to Second life. Was disappointed whe the Sunset happened, but I'm happy to see the game is back.
  14. Chompers

    Chompers Member

    Think my name was CaptainAwesome - had a lot called One - Stop - Chalk shaped like a giant chalkboard.
  15. I started in beta and played for about 2.5 years after release. My main was Sabrina and I had an ever changing lot, though as soon as it was available I made my lot into a store lot. I can't remember the lot's names.
  16. zero35

    zero35 Active Member

    by my researches TSO and EA-LAND really bring many advanced bhav codes comparatively original TS1
  17. Pixie

    Pixie New Member

    I honestly do not remember my name. I played for one year before TSO was shut down. I remember becoming roommates with a lovely person (the sim was female, forgot her name). But if any of you played it around the same year as I did (2007-2008), invited a hobo (me) as your roommate and assigned me to feed the iguana. Just know it was me and please let me know lol. After all these years I confess I FORGOT TO FEED IT AND THE IGUANA DIED BUT I REPLACED IT WHEN NO ONE WAS HOME. I HAD ONE JOB. I'M STILL SORRY AFTER ALL THIS TIME. ALWAYS.
    The end.
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  18. Juliana

    Juliana New Member

    I was X Julia X from AV. I remember RainCloud & those moonlight tours with Jesse Taylor. I remember Bienchen and her tons of rares for sale and her roof art. And I remember Icy Dead People... LOVED that name & I think we probably pizza'd a few times. I was a roomie for Psymon Star for a while who had one of the busier pizza houses for a bit. Wheee so long ago.
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  19. Kareboo

    Kareboo New Member

    I played there for a brief time because it was so populated and Dan's Grove was so quiet. I was Ka Wong, twin to my friend Boo Wong.
  20. Wabbs

    Wabbs New Member

    I was and always will be Wabbs. lol I started out in the Sims Sorority House in beta. lol I eventually moved on to being a roommate at KoAzaRealz (not sure how he spelled it). Eventually I moved into a skill house (Can't remember the name) and eventually opened my own place called "Wabbs' Board Party"

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