Who played the original TSO in Alphaville?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PM69037, Oct 7, 2016.

  1. chuck kern

    chuck kern New Member

    I was in AV for a long time as Chuck Sim. I ran a romance house for wedding(cant recall the lot name :( )
    then when Pets was about to be released I switch to offbeat catagory to run PETZ. it was the number one pet house the first week it was released.
  2. BluFoxFarm

    BluFoxFarm New Member

    I was one of the original beta testers for TSO in Alphaville, I am so glad someone made this game again I miss playing it (of course I havent been able to try this yet since the severs have been down for a couple days now).

    I think my name in the game was PixelateKitty in the original beta and after release of TSO.
  3. RubyLee

    RubyLee New Member

    I was Ruby in AV and owned Cook's Landing there.
  4. SourJane

    SourJane New Member

    I was there in the very early days. I definitely remember RainCloud and I think the DollHouse was one of the first properties I visited (probably like my first day lol). So nice to see the photos of the rebuild here.

    My AV sim was SourJane she was a prisoner/warden of AV penitentiary. I left shortly after they started locking down what items were allowed on properties and had the categories etc and it was harder for me to keep up the design of my property. I miss it and I'd bring Jane back but she belongs in the AV map so... Had so much fun there. Feel like I'm about to start telling stories like an oldie "Did I ever tell you kids about the time I met Will Wright?" lol I miss my friends Zazzy, Forest, Skinless, Officer Chad from AV PD (we used to have so much fun going over there and terrorizing the PD).

    I did revive my TC sim AnatomicalAnnie (pretty sure she was in TC) I've missed her a lot even though Jane was always my main sim, I feel like Annie could live anywhere. So nice to be back in her skin...less body lol! Hope to reconnect!
  5. Johnny Lace

    Johnny Lace New Member

    I played TSO since the beta. Didn't start out in Alphaville, but eventually it was the only place still crowded. Built a lot of houses there! Good times :cool:
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  6. Yancy

    Yancy New Member

    Ahhh I was following the development of FreeSO in the last few years, I was checking on it once or twice a year and I just happened to come on here to see if the development was finished or open beta at least and I was floored to see it was open! I have already played some today but man did it bring back memories! I played this back in 2002 when it was first announced of a beta (If i remember correctly, I think Maxis/EA sent a DVD Beta of it out and it was free at the time with no monthly subscription which I still have laying around somewhere packed away) but man I would be on there every single day from 4pm till 2am in the morning. Today, it felt like that 15 years later. I can't believe its already been that long, but it has been brought back to life once again! Thanks to the developers! (I think my name back then on there was either Sim31 or Yancy.) I dont remember anyone on there though =(, maybe someone will remember me!)
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  7. Zilixian

    Zilixian New Member

    I remember you from many many years ago! Great home you had!
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  8. Bikki

    Bikki New Member

    I was Bikki. Played off and on sporadically.
  9. teresa tease

    teresa tease New Member

    i played in Alpha my sim name was terrie

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