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    I m in the making of an app for Windows 8.1, 10 and for Windows Phones, which more or less advertises Project Dollhouse. It is containing different images from the process made so far, the Projects developers (Afr0 and Rhys), and also what it actually is. Additionally, I included the URL of the forums and the website of Afr0games, so that people know where to find more news and see the progress with their own eyes. The reason why I m making this app is, to advertise our project, and let more people get to know about it and get familiar with it. Other versions such as for Android and iOS are also planned, but are not being worked on right now. I am making this thread here to see your guys reaction and your thoughts about it. Some pictures of the work in progress app, can be seen as attachement. Criticism, comments and other feedback is highly appreciated. The pictures below, show how the app looks like in Windows 8.1

    Sul Sul ;D img2.jpg img.jpg
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    Nice pictures! ;) when we can download this application ?
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    I don't neccessarily like advertisement right now, because it will attract new users to the forums. They will undoubtedly ask questions, and while you guys are very good at answering the most common ones, me and Rhys will have to explain the lack of updates and why things take time.
    For instance, lot buy mode is taking much longer than anticipated.
    And Rhys is still busy with exams (I think), which means he's unable to work. And even if I manage to push an update in a couple of weeks, it'll probably be another month until the next one regardless of what I choose ro work on.
    But I won't stop you from publishing your app, so long as you don't charge anything for it. ;)
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    Thank you Afr0 for letting me publish it. Since you mentioned that if it attracts people to the forums, that those will only ask about updates and maybe ask another ton of questions about it, I will clarify those things in my app as well, and add an extra page explaining how to get the newest build of it and inform about how often users can expect updates and new builds.
    As soon as I am finished with the app, and became a licensed developer, which gives me the right to publish it in the Windows Store, to make it available to you guys. In order for me to become a developer and to be allowed to release Apps in the Windows Store, I need to pay a entry fee of 17.00 CHF in my country, which still does not hinder me from publishing it there. And to be able to download it after its available in the Windows Store, you have to either have a pc running Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 or even Windows 10 preview or have a smartphone running Windows Phone 8. The app will be free and not cost a cent ;D
    I hope I was able to clarify most of the points which were unsure.
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    That background makes text harder to read. I'm not convinced about color palette either.
    While I'm not a fan of this kind of apps on Windows (probably because 99% of content in the store is "[SOMEPOPULARAPP] GUIDE FOR LOTZ OF DOLLARZ"), I like the idea, really.

    Though it would have more value to the community if you could use this as kind of a companion app to game later, keep it updated with latest news about gamedev etc. More like a client for this community with notifications and all the cool stuff. Not sure if this makes any sense these days but another nice idea would be chatting with your in-game mates right from your phone. That's just a random thought anyway.
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    It could also have inbox features too. And it does make sense; BF4 commander and Hyperchat are two mobile applications I use to chat ingame while I am out.

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