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    Greetings and Welcome to a new Translation Thing... And this thing is my compilation of Translation for the FreeSO Base Items for Dutch.

    This translation is open-source and available on https://github.com/Wolfst0rm/FreeSO-Translations-Dutch
    PLEASE NOTE: It is a work in progress and is open to any and all Pull Requests if any language is found to be incorrect.

    It will be divided into 2 parts:
    • State 1: UITexts for FreeSO
    The various UI Elements for FreeSO - Motive Strings, City Descriptions, Casino, Voting, Upgrade, Band, etc.
    • Stage 2: Objects
    The Objects that appear in-game, for all players to use.

    Screenshots of Working Features:
    All Screenshots can be found on: https://github.com/Wolfst0rm/FreeSO-Translations-Dutch/tree/master/img/uitexts%20working

    Please reply here if you have any questions, and thank you very much for visiting.
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    Dev Log (UITexts/dutch.dir)
    Day 2 - 29ste September 2019 om 11u NM

    • Translated all files up as far as _f119_specialemailstrings.cst
    • Leaving all the EOD Translations to the very end
    • Corrected the Dutch on a lot of the other files that have already been translated
    • General Housekeeping on the Github Repository for this project
    Day 1 - 28ste September tem 29ste September 2019 om 1u41 VM
    • Translated every file up as far as _f106_relationshipdialog.cst
    • Show Images of Working Features: Options and Friendship Web
    • Setup Readme and Contribution Source to Github
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