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    Since the forums are not longer very active, we strongly recommend to any user to join us on our discord server.​
    >>> Invitation link: https://discord.gg/xveESFj <<<
    • Forums rules:
    1. Be correct and keep your cool. This includes: no flaming, no pointless stupidity, and unwilling to accept other's views. Use your common sense. we don't tolerate name-calling or anything of sort.
    2. Preview your posts for grammar and relevance.
    3. Do not advertise your site/message board/thing solely for the sake of advertising. This does not apply to art/writing/actual things to discuss. (but within your signature, this is allowed, however).
    4. Do not link to any "warez", or illegally distributed copyrighted material.
    5. Don't double post, or any amount larger. An edit button exists for a reason.
    6. Do not make alternate accounts.
    7. Do not bump threads unless you have relevant information.
    8. Ban evasions by any means are not tolerated. Anyone who does get a ban, whether it's temporary or permanent, will have their global IP blacklisted. Similar to rule 6, but I guess we have to tell you guys anyway.
    9. Do not make multiple threads about the same subject; instead, update the existing one unless you feel your thread does not cover the same discussion.
    10. Don't contact developers or moderators to ask if any server is currently open. Please use the Playtests section for this purpose.
    If any rules are not respected, you will receive a warning or your account banned from forums.
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