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    Hello, I've been learning to use blender for last couple weeks. I'll post my remesh objects here. Feedback and constructive criticism are welcome and will help me to make better meshes.
    Discord: Melika#5560
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    Sir Laxalot Dinette Chair (link to tsomania)
    "Yes, the Sir Laxalog is the most exciting chair of the millennium, and for years to come. Everything about this chair is a clean break without outmoded tradition. Precision-balanced chair legs. Independent seat cushions. Space-age patterned vinyl and chromotone-plated steel pass rigid testing, to deliver more than passing comfort. Relax with Sir Laxalot!"

    1/8/2019 Re-uploaded the zip file. There was a conflict with texture file naming. These files won't replace other remeshes that are already existed now.

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