Original sims 1 3d meshes

Discussion in '3D Remeshing' started by nutsims2000, Nov 7, 2020.

  1. nutsims2000

    nutsims2000 New Member

    I love freeso remeshing project. But maybe there's a simplest way to convert the game in 3d mode.
    If we contact Eric Hedman (http://erichedmancreativedesign.zohosites.com/The-Sims-PC.html the sims 1 art director) Maybe he can send us the original 3d meshes of the ingame objects. Maybe he could help us with this beautiful project.
    The sims 1 objects are converted into isometric sprites starting from a 3d textured model. So those 3d models exist somewhere.
    Is it a bad idea?

    Eric Hedman website http://erichedmancreativedesign.zohosites.com/The-Sims-PC.html
  2. BrandonSJ96

    BrandonSJ96 Active Member

    Ummm no...The FreeSO project is not in anyway affiliated with EA or its members and The Sims. It be a very bad idea to do that.

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