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Discussion in 'Contribute' started by ProdigalKid, May 25, 2017.

  1. ProdigalKid

    ProdigalKid New Member

    Salute, I am new to the FreeSO community and am hoping to contribute in the form of CC meshes/textures.
    I have experience in game development with 3D modeling and graphic design for mobile games, and I'm looking to assist FreeSO.

    However, rather than flood the market with objects that might be too niche for everyone's tastes, (Leg Lamp from "A Christmas Story", anyone?) I'd first like to ask for some requests. This way, those fantastic idea people we have in the community can contribute without needing to dedicate hours of learning modeling and such.

    I was hoping that by creating a request thread, it would limit the amount of individual threads and instead motivate community members to post on a regularly-updated list of sorts. We read through the requests posted, and the appropriate concept ideas get edited into the top post for the creators to view and take on, similar to a job board.

    I hope that this idea hasn't already been implemented elsewhere, I've searched the forums and haven't found anything similar. Please feel free to remove this and point me in the right direction if this is a copy!

    Thank you, and I hope to get to know everyone in the community very soon.
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  2. Alonzo

    Alonzo Active Member

    Xbox one - With Controller.
  3. LlamaFace

    LlamaFace New Member

    Clothing? Or is this about buy mode objects only?
  4. Kyanna

    Kyanna New Member

    Rugs that only take up one square would be nice. Or more 1x2 rugs. A videogame console and more "fun" options. Or a water cooler would be cool for Office lots and kitchens.

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