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    Sims Installation Transfer Tool:
    Not the finished UI layout or design - Downloading (left) and Sending (right)​
    This moves your Sims installation from the specified directory over a local network connection to any computer(s) connected. These computers can be laptops, desktops, etc. but it's probably most useful with computers without disc drives. That being said, this offers an excellent alternative to traditional disc installations of The Sims as in my experience it takes around 1:30 to 2:30. This copies installations of The Sims, it does not move them from the PC to another.
    Early UI - Automatically searches your local area network for installations not yet started​
    I would appreciate your input!
    If you're bored, why not give it a try for yourself? Truthfully, the main concern is the user experience for the transfer portion. The other features of this launcher are there to accent this feature. These are points of interest for anyone testing:
    • Install Simitone using the launcher. This will bring you to the main screen of the installer.
    • Transfer The Sims to another computer connected to the same network as you.
      • One instance of the Installer acts as the Sender -- the computer that is sharing its The Sims installation with any other computers around.
      • A second instance of the Installer acts as the Receiver -- the computer that is installing The Sims through this process.
      • You can make the choice between sender and receiver after pressing the "Transfer" button on the main screen.
    • Auto-Update Simitone whenever new updates come out.
    It is worth noting that if you only have one PC, you can get an idea of the experience by simply opening two installers and going through the transfer process as normal. There are no releases to test right now, but check back soon!
    The Simitone Installation screen​
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