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Rosecrest Isle's (Scattered Islands) A place that was known for its rolling hills of rose and it's unique rose flour until a great fire broke out in one of the flour mills. The people in a desperate manner to save their lively hood dug some ditches in a desperate attempt to stop the spread of the fire from claiming all their precious roses. The roses burn like wildfire fueling the flames until it encompassed every living thing. As the fire neared the ditches, the ditches began to flood, and now pieces of land are separated from the mainland. Created the Rosecrest Isle's that are known today.
List of neighborhoods currently needing renamed taken from Discord post: Lochside, Channel Cape City, Strangetown, Lake Anamo, Offside Point, Spiral Cove, Dragon's Isle, Calvins Coast, Scattered Islands, Cutt's Corner, Crescent Islands, North Peak, Mesa Mesa, Shelf Ridge.

Not all of these are great, nor even good. I'm in hopes others will get the courage to propose their own ideas after they see how lame some of mine are. Come on folks! If I can get out there and put this forward, so can YOU!

Proposed ideas, some alternatives, and in no particular order:

Loch Voronoi South (currently called Lochside): Simmie, the Loch Voronoi monster, is more rarely spotted in this tranquil waterside area than in the more northern locations. If you want to avoid loch creatures entirely, move further inland. If you want a quaint lakeside abode, build a small house on the shores of the loch. That's just common sense in Loch Voronoi South. (I'm obviously proposing the big lake/loch to be named Loch Voronoi. This relates to the mathematical method by which the neighborhood regions of the game are initially defined.)

Mount Meta (currently called Mesa Mesa): Above all the hoi palloi and lowland strife, Mount Meta soars skyward and has enough room for the select few to find a foothold. Get yours before they are gone, as only the Meta folk can call this home.

Moonlight Mountain Lake (currently called Lake Anamo): Carved into the very crust of Sunrise Crater, this sparkling lake and crystalline mountain range engender a serene but powerful image. Adopt that image of serene power and be the coolest of the cool in Moonlight Mountain.

Plumbob Point (spelling intentional) (currently called Cutt's Corner): Imagine a color-changing plumb bob suspended forever above your head. Now imagine it changes colors according to your mood. Now imagine yourself living here while being controlled by a higher power. Now stop imagining and just live it!

Strangetown (no name change): Odd, weird, spooky, alien, unique, or just misunderstood? Whatever you call it, you'll love taking a walk on the wild side in Strangetown!

Calvins Coast (no name change): Set in the shadow of the great peak Mountaintop (or whatever that gets named), this serenely scenic community nevertheless manages to shine with it's friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Offbeat Isles (currently called Scattered Islands): Where else can you march to your own drum? The rhythm of these scattered islands may be off, but the beat is certainly something you can dance to! Set your own pace on the upbeat in Offbeat Isles.

The Dragon Scales (currently called Dragons Isle): Legend has it that a dragon was wounded and dropped a few scales to form this lush island chain. Reason tells us it was formed during a geological upheaval. Where legend meets reason, you'll find a home you can call your own.

Hackle Rock Islands (currently called Crescent Islands): Craggy majestic peaks tumble down into the sea, their remnants becoming the soft sand of the beaches along the margins. The strong bedrock and karst of this island paradise insures the residents are building on solid foundations.

Parizad Peak (currently called North Peak): Lightly moderated and fair to all, this easy-on-the-eyes location is historically grounded but forward thinking. Even keeled and playful residents set the tone in this lovely community. (Note: One of the early forum moderators of TSO was Parizad. She's still one of my FB friends. She was always a sweet and playful presence, but wouldn't take any guff either. She was a very beloved figure and when she left and EA was being EAssish, we all knew the end was nigh.)

Here There Be Monsters! (currently called Channel Cape City): HTBM! is the location of the most sightings of Simmie the Loch Voronoi creature. Have you seen her? Would you like to? (Are we going to get a sea monster Easter egg? Please?)

Wright Way Bay (currently called Spiral Cove): This is the Wright Way to live! Sea, sand, rocks, snow. Mountains, beaches, prairie. Trees, grass, flowers, shrubs. Sunsets, dawns, stars. Rain, sunshine, clouds. The only thing missing is YOU! (Will Wright was the original creator of The Sims and other successful games as well as co-founder of Maxis, the company that developed The Sims. If you don't know about him, please do yourself a favor and Google him. He's still one of my FB friends, but he's pretty much "retired" now.)

Maxis Mountains (currently called Shelf Ridge): Maximum mountains, minimum supporting structures. While everyone else seeks lower flatter ground, build your home in the sky and look down upon them all. Don't they look so small down there! (Maxis was the name of the studio that developed The Sims Online.)

The Softspot (currently called Offside Point): The soft underbelly, the silkiest tummy fur, the squishiest bit, the tender part. Whatever it is, it's The Softspot you crave. You've been dreaming of landing in The Softspot.

Journey's End (currently called Offside Point): You've been to all the other places on the map. It's time to call it and stop here. There's no place left, and this is a great place anyway, so why keep torturing yourself? Just settle already!

If you see something you think fits better on another neighborhood than the one proposed, please feel free to use all or some portion of the name/description elsewhere. I'm not looking for credit as much as I am interested in having an interesting map with intriguing place names/descriptions. Above all, I'd like to see more people participate and get involved in this.
These are all suggestions from the thread for the neighborhood currently called Waterworld. Please feel free to use them for other areas, in whole or in part, as you see fit.

Wright Union Shores
: Where the "Wright" of the M.O.M.I. worker is respected! Sundrenched beaches, snowy mountain vistas, and crystal clear lakes all peacefully co-exist in this diverse and hard working neighborhood that still knows how to relax and enjoy the good life. Residents here work hard and party harder amid the lush natural beauty of this perfect slice of Sunrise Crater. Will you make the "Wright" choice and choose to live amongst them?

Coattrain Cliffs: Whether it's a beachfront cabana, a mountain cabin, or a forest hideaway, you will be sure to find a place to call your own in this topographically diverse portion of Sunrise Crater. Hike up into the mountains or sun on the beach? You can do both on the same day when you hitch yourself to the luxury that is Coattrain!

Crater Bay Ridge: Where the Crater Bay Mountains meet errmm Crater Bay, in which are situated the beautiful uuhh Crater Bay Isles. It's a water filled volcanic crater bordered by a mountain range, ok!?! What this neighborhood lacks in original place names, it more than compensates for with a diverse and lush topography. Sun drenched beaches, shady forests, snow capped peaks, crystal clear lakes. You can build your own unique home here and name it something original.

Dawnside Mountains-Dawnshadow Shoals: In the morning shadows of the glorious Dawnside Mountains resides the vibrant community of Dawnshadow Shoals. These sister communities have every conceivable type of terrain to offer the new homeowner or resident. From tropical island cabana to mountain holdfast, lake shore compound or prairie cabin, you are certain to find the perfect place to call home. Let the sun rise on YOUR brilliant home in DM-DS!
Some generic suggestions that might fit a lot of places. Mostly did these just for fun, but some folks might want to adopt them. Feel free to use any or none, in whole or in part, anywhere you please.

Goosebumps Gulley: This is without doubt the spookiest place in Sunrise Crater. Populated by spirits, zombies, animated skeletons, aliens, demons, and those who love them. Or at least obey them. Enter at your own risk!

Lucky Lakeside: Gamblers and casino owners always want to have Lady Luck on their side. Here you'll find it everywhere in this lovely lucky lakeside community. Maybe just having this lush natural beauty right outside your door makes you the lucky one!

Habitat for Simanity: This planned community offers amenities and luxuries seldom found in unplanned communities. Affordable housing never felt this good! Find your own rung on the ladder of this contrived ecology and know your niche.

Flamingo Forest: The birth of Sunrise Crater was devastating for many species, but not for the flamingo. The Sunrise Forest Flamingo is found only in Sunrise Crater. Descendants of the usual flamingos displaced by the volcanic eruptions, this relatively adaptive new species inhabits the forests, shores, and even the snowy mountains of Sunrise Crater, where it lends it's vibrant roseate aspect to the already spectacular scenery.

Respectable River: It's not a massive river, but it isn't a small stream either. The inhabitants of it's lovely banks are respectable as well. Don't you want to be respectable too?
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To sum up, there are a lot of suggestions for neighbourhood names and their descriptions. Keep the suggestions coming, also for neighbourhoods that already have names and descriptions suggested. :D

But what we still need is:
- Description for Mountaintop? - This neighbourhood name is already established, but still seems to need a description.
- Name and description for Calvins Coast
Name (and description) for Grassy Islands - there is one description suggestion in here, but without a name
- Name (and description) Strangetown - already one description suggestion for the Strangetown neighbourhood name
- Name and description for Sunrise Outlet
Maritzestar, ask and you shall receive. Hope you like them. As always, use any, all or part for whatever/wherever you please.

Mountaintop: Like sacred Mount Olympus of mythology, our illustrious and omnipotent leaders reside atop this majestic peak while dispensing justice and developing features for all. And starting the occasional random firestorm. Here you will also find the Town Hall, M.O.M.I. and D.A.D.D.I. headquarters, and other official community structures made available to every simcitizen (simizen?) at will. Did you know you can open any community lot yourself just by going there? Go! Visit! Enjoy!

Calvins Coast: Bluegirl has been working on that one and I like where she's headed.

Grass Sea Islands (currently called Grassy Islands) (You "sea" what I did there?): A sea of green grass floating in a sea of blue water. What could be more picturesque? More idyllic? More desirable as a destination or a residence? What are you waiting for? (I really like the idea of islands of grass terrain meeting the water with minimal beach and rock. I'd like to see some of that.)

Strangetown: (I'm in favor of keeping that name. Maybe a version of my description above originally for another random place will work?) This is without doubt the spookiest and most off-kilter place in Sunrise Crater. Populated by spirits, zombies, animated skeletons, aliens, demons, practitioners of the occult arts and those who love them. Or at least obey them. Enter at your own risk!

The Sunrise Riviera (currently called Sunrise Outlet): Where the Respectable River meets Sunrise Crater Bay (or whatever) you will find an abundance of waterfront and waterfront-adjacent properties with terrific potential for development. Long the secret playground of the wealthy elite, this competitively priced location is now well within the financial means of anyone with means. You know what that mean$.
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A high-end isle/coast neigborhood that is filled with scenic views, lavish parties, and interesting people. This could replace Spiral Cove or Isla Volcanic.
Misnam (Strangetown)

In the ancient time, it was one of the most civilized town in the Sunset Crater history. After the black plague which killed more than half of the population, the city was left in ruined.
Some says it was a cursed. Some says it was a dark magic. People are scared and try to avoid this city but not the gypsies, clowns and furries. Hence, it is the perfect place for the "non-human" to gather here and live in peace.
Frosty Peaks
High up in the Ridgeton mountain lies Frosty Peaks. A snowy paradise with tall pointy firs, steep cliffs and breathtaking views of the whole Sunrise Crater region await you, along with its welcoming residents. Note: Please be careful on the road to get here. Not the best.

I think it matches Alpine Village, but you can use it for whatever mountain neighborhood you want.

Sunset Shores

Welcome to Sunset Shores, a place whose beauty truly unravels in the sunset. It has a rich history behind it. When a group of Sims arrived here, they made a small seaside setllement. However, when wealthy Sims arrived here, they began dreaming big. What will this place be? A quiet beachfront settlement or a bustling beachfront resort? It's up to you.

It's supposed to be for the Spiral Cove Neighborhood, but again, feel free to use it somewhere else. I'm not very sure about that "It's up to you" sentence in the end.
The #neighbourhood-suggestions channel and forum section are now closed, thank you all for your submissions. They have been collected into a mega-document, and the best name+descriptions (or combinations!) will be chosen and applied to Sunrise Crater's neighborhood setup. We're now at the stage where the neighborhoods have to be prepared for production (and internally tested), and we're hoping for a release next month. The update also has a few more surprises that you will enjoy... I hope it's worth the wait!

(you can still discuss neighborhoods in general by making your own threads, or posting on the existing ones!)
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