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  1. Lenny

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    Re-meshing by Lenny.
    Totaling 5 item
    Updated 4th Nov 2020

    What's in the package:


    Mesh Replace Package Download:
    My files have changed; (sorry for any inconvenience)
    I'm now going to be posting the item or multiple items in each new post as their own single zip.
    (This is due to file size limit on uploads, I would have liked to keep them all in one zip).

    What's to come:
    Holiday bear, worldmap, bamboo furni, ABC game

    For my next trick, I will paint a clown face on the Mona Lisa while using the shroud of Turin as a drop-cloth.

    If you're super enjoying my re-meshes you can send me some simoleon love in-game. (PM me for my sim name).

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    Another object, the teddy bear, I am still doing the holiday bear but I thought I want to get this one up already, so holiday bear is next.
    Here's some screenshots of what's in already in.

    bear.png blob.png surf.png

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    2 years later I came back to re-meshing. Update on my last post, someone beat me to holiday bear.
    I've had to package my re-meshes across multiple files, unsure why it wouldn't let me upload a 2mb file, I will come back to tidy up that in the future.

    mctreat.png mckiosk.png

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