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  1. MagnumSims

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    I want to run for Mayor of my city I play in and I can't seem to find a page to do this. My city had a mayoral event but no shows, how sad! So I want to step up and become the Mayor they need.
  2. dotequals

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    If you live in a neighborhood that is in the top 4 for visitor activity (you can see this on the panel that pops up when clicking a neighborhood) you will have an election cycle the last 7 days of the month. If you are nominated by enough people during those first few days, you will receive a message asking if you would like to run for mayor and an option to accept the nomination.

    You can campaign in-game by word of mouth or the bulletin board, but I recommend joining the Discord as we have a channel dedicated to it where mayoral candidates post posters, speeches, and more.

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