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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ernst, Feb 20, 2020.

  1. Ernst

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    I have noticed that there are about 100 people online at peek hours.

    People tend to migrate to the larger properties with the most players

    This appears to leave one property with 24 people and other properties with only a few players

    Perhaps on a temporary basis the number of players required to reach speed 118% could be reduced from 6 to 3.
    Perhaps on a temporary basis limiting the number of players on a property to 12. To make up for the lower payout, doubling the payout to properties could make up for the reduced number of players on their property

    This may offer a temporary bonus to players and may give more smaller properties a chance to play
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  2. Valdesca

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    I play 3 days now, but as i have seen with 12 only its hard to get 118% couse there is an owner and a roomie to help ppl green, this dont count as number on house but count to get percent skilling, but mostly cant skill all the time like an hour in a row, so they cook clean and water plants or serenade and hustle... and as green is not done on White up homes, it goes down fast, so i think will be diciult to speed it up. and plus the new stuff " the object of the day" skills and money objects, seems all house have to have all skills or they dont work all weeck. so you cant have all ppl doing same, only found 2 house skilling only body or only logic as example, Some that has 2 skills of the day and has to remodel home each day i think ...
    I did a tiny welcome home and barely have 3 at time, so i kow what u mean but the only solution i thought is go bigger expand house, with patience effort and time, to get enought money :D
  3. Jaybles

    Jaybles New Member

    I actually really like this idea. Maybe even make the max 18 like it used to be? At least until more people are back on.
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