The Sims 4!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TRS, May 6, 2013.

  1. TRS

    TRS Member

    The Sims 4 has been announced! There is a possibility to play online! But will this project not be superfluous?

  2. nicefunfungirl

    nicefunfungirl Active Member

    Can you give us a link to where you found this?

    Edit:OMG I FOUND IT! BUT SON OF A BITCH! NO MULTIPLAYER!!!!!!!!!!!! :evil:
  3. Andy

    Andy New Member

  4. Ben

    Ben Member

    Personally, I'm glad it's not multiplayer.
    It gives TSO the competitive edge and uniqueness that isn't present in another other Sims game.

    Plus I think I'd find a Sims 4 multiplayer a little overwhelming, with the extremely overly done graphics and 3D rotations. I kind of liked the simplicity of Sims originally.
  5. Panther

    Panther New Member

    I totally agree with you.
    The original Sims just looks gorgeous even after 10 years :D
  6. frankie

    frankie Member

    The charm of TSO would never exist elsewhere. It's a unique game that can't really be mimicked properly. So, regardless of any future online game by EA, it would never be the same, whether or not it would be better.

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