Windows 966 (remesh pack)

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    Full remeshes of all base game windows. No custom textures, one draw call per window rather than 2. 3D reconstruction of windows in TS1/TSO results in a really bad planar projection, so doing something like this was a priority. It was also a lot of fun. ;)

    I probably won't do any other meshes apart from this. I just did this to get used to meshing and UV mapping on a basic level, and to verify that a few key features were working. One thing added here (blank obj import) will be added to the next version of volcanic, to let you create meshes worth 0 draw calls for multitile objects as well.

    What could the name possibly mean? It is up to you to find out.

    • All windows within windows.iff (the first one, present in base game TS1 and TSO)
      • Privacy Window (Rectangular - High)
      • Single-Pane Fixed Window (Window - Single Pane)
      • Plate Glass Window (Window - Plate Glass)
      • El Sol Window (Window - Circular)
      • Monticello Window (Window - Federal)
      • Monticello Window Full-Length (Window - French)
      • Single-Hung Window (Window - Storm)
      • Windsor Window (Window - Victorian)
    Download (v1.1)

    Install Instructions
    Locate the folder you have installed FreeSO into (where FreeSO.exe is). Extract the .fsom files into the Content/MeshReplace folder.

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