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Discussion in 'Contribute' started by Sim, Jun 6, 2017.

  1. Sim

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  2. Sim

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    Internet access indicator added. You will not be able to start the installation of FSO or TSO without an active internet connection to download the files. Won't be able to trigger a launcher update either. All other features that do not require an internet connection will work as expected.


  3. Sim

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    When doing a complete installation, the installer page will show this backdrop with the global installation progress. (Will probably add game tips, and in game shots).
    You can still see each individual installation progress going to the downloads page.


    If the installation fails, you will get a popup with an explanation and the global progress backdrop will disappear.

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  4. Sim

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    Beta launcher is being released in the next 2 days.

    Game translations
    To include your language as a language option in the launcher for users you need to send me the uitext files. If you have translated objects, send those too. You can send me a private message on the forum with the package.
    I have translations from the previous launcher that I will proceed to use if the translators decide not to update them (Spanish, Italian, Portuguese).

    Launcher translations
    Send me these strings translated https://pastebin.com/raw/rdgprd8h.
    Make sure you translate each string to approximately the same sentence length to make sure the UI is consistent.
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  5. Sim

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    You can download the launcher right now!
    https://beta.freeso.org/FreeSO Launcher Setup.exe
    Compatible with Windows 7 and above.

    How to use with your current FreeSO Installation
    Click FreeSO in the Installer section, and select the path where you currently have FreeSO installed.
    It will detect that it's there and set that path as the game path.

    Thank you for trying it out!
    Make sure you report any bugs if you find any ;). And all suggestions are welcome.
    This is not the final release yet, but this build it totally usable. It will be updated to the final release when it's ready.
    I will keep accepting translations that will be included in future updates.

    Have a good weekend everybody!
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  6. Alonzo

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    Awesome :)
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  7. mrpenguinb

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    It's amazing! I love the news feed and the installation component pictures. The neon theme is also pretty cool too, the launcher culminates everything you need into a simple package (such as choosing between DirectX and OpenGL modes). The only thing that needs to be added is probably some repair options for when the installer doesn't work or there are other issues. Besides that it is a very polished and functional launcher that has potential to speed up the time that it takes for users to get to install the game and to get it to work properly. :D

    The main issue for me is the checking for updates process since it doesn't complete and just loops over and over again..... o_O - 1/07/17 Pre-Release Stage (planned to be fixed when released completely)
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  8. Sim

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    Thank you for the feedback!
    The repair options are on their way. Not particularly for the integrated installer because it already has fallbacks and its ways to recover from a failed installation. But for example to repair a failed update from the game client.

    The checking for updates looping over and over again, do you mean that the toast alert in the bottom right is always showing and never goes away? (A screenshot would have helped to know what you were referring to right away). That should only happen if you have no internet connection, and should go away when the request to the update server times out.

    If you actually had internet connection and the toast was showing permanently, then I would have to look into that. (Also notice that the toast appears from time to time because it automatically checks for updates by itself).
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  9. mrpenguinb

    mrpenguinb Active Member

    Nice to know that it could just be my internet (or else the whole world would explode, :p)
    It is just checking for updates continuously while the two spinning arrows keep going. Ill insert a screenshot too. ;) (Waited around for more than 30 minutes! :eek:)
    It still hasn't finished yet....

    PS: I still can't get over the neon theme :mad: But that's a good thing

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  10. Alessandro Needs A Server

    Alessandro Needs A Server Well-Known Member

    Amazing launcher, i love it! I noticed the italian translation is pretty out of date, i sent you the new one on discord! Great job Sim, great job!
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  11. Sim

    Sim Active Member

    Okay, I'll make sure that doesn't happen in future updates. It's only a visual bug, really. The notification not going away. For now you can restart the launcher and it'll be good.

    Much obliged!
  12. Sim

    Sim Active Member

    Version 1.0.1 released!
    You should receive a notification right away. In this version:
    • Fixed an issue with update check timeouts (hopefully, report back @mrpenguinb).
    • Italian game translation has been updated.
    • Added a few missing language translation strings.
    • Added support for custom RSS feed and Twitter feed. For Spanish users, the FreeSO.es blog and FreeSOESP twitter will show.
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  13. Alessandro Needs A Server

    Alessandro Needs A Server Well-Known Member

    just finished working on the italian translation Sim, check discord! ;)
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  14. Sim

    Sim Active Member

    Version 1.0.2
    Should be good for this week.
    • Squashed another update check bug.
    • Updated Spanish game translation.
    • Updated Italian game translation.
    • Added Italian launcher translation.
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  15. Sim

    Sim Active Member

    We've reached 100+ launcher installations in the first 24 hours!
    Thank you everyone for trying it out. ;)
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  16. Alessandro Needs A Server

    Alessandro Needs A Server Well-Known Member

    Feature suggestion: easy to reach button / developement tab under settings or home to launch Volcanic, would be very handy. Even right clicking the play button would be cool, but if we right click play button it should say something like "You are now launching Volcanic" and then like "Okay" and "cancel".
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  17. Sim

    Sim Active Member

    Sure, I'll include a developer mode in 1.1.0.
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    how to register now ?
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    how to download fast
    i got 1400 minutes left for download
    web down now download down too ?

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